Get To Know About Near Field Communication

NFC or Near Field Communication is a wireless standard for smartphone and other devices similar to them. This is a short range radio technology and transfers data without physical contact of the data transferring devices. In NFC up to 424 kilobits of data is transferred per second and this technology works on the 13.56 MHz frequency. NFC is possible when two devices which are NFC compatible, are in a close vicinity of each other, within a range of few centimeters. This makes the transaction really secure. Other than contactless data transfer, NFC is also easy to set up in the compatible devices. It is better than other contactless transactions like Bluetooth because it does not have the complication of configuring the devices for the usage of this short range radio technology. Radio frequency identification or RFID which helps in the passage of radio signals to electronic tags have been the reason for the initiation of NFC. Other than NFC device, data communication is also done between NFC chips called NFC tags which are unpowered.NFC has replaced old techniques which used one way applications like smart cards without contact. NFC tags are used for achieving this feat. Now NFC devices are being used in many places for many applications, contactless payments like the credit cards, e ticket smartcards, exchange of data like maps, videos, images etc, are some of the areas in which NFC enabled devices are used. Even multiplayer games can also be played in the social networking sites using NFC compatible devices. A major use of NFC has been seen recently in Google wallet which stores the credit card information in a virtual wallet and can be used by the customers with NFC supporting device and a Master Card payment for making the transactions.For the devices which are not NFC enabled, special stickers are available which can designed in such a way so that they work on any mobile device to give them the functionality of NFC device. The stickers are known as NFC stickers. Tapping a phone on these NFC stickers can assist in doing a lot of work which is possible for NFC compatible device only. NFC stickers are not only helpful for making electronic payments but also to gain entry to a number of other resources like access to maps and Google places. These stickers are also found in shop windows and by tapping your mobile onto the sticker a person can retrieve detail about the store. Social networking sites can also be benefited with NFC stickers. Facebook Likes may increase for a particular business just by tapping on NFC stickers of that company.