CruiseOne Review – Travel Franchise Opportunity Review

CruiseOne is a franchise business opportunity in the ever growing travel business industry. For the entrepreneur looking for the work from home exciting opportunity could this be it? Here is a simple review.CruiseOne is a travel based franchise business opportunity for the entrepreneur looking to join in on the 11 billion dollar a year industry. The cost of starting this business with CO is a liquid investment of $9,800 dollars. Travel industry experience is recommended but not required for this opportunity. With the travel industry gaining ground towards the last part of this last decade this could be a solid business. CO currently has more than 450 Franchises and is expanding across the United States and are in the process of accepting qualified candidates to operate franchises in all 50 states.The CO opportunity does offer assistance with over 80 offices for all aspects of marketing, booking and sales to help the business owner. All business with this program and opportunity will be done via Internet and there will be some Internet marketing training available. However, most franchise opportunities teach pay-per-click and banner advertising. While these are good ways to market online, it is a fact that FREE methods of marketing once learned drive much more traffic as well as qualified traffic.CruiseOne is a solid and legitimate franchise business opportunity in a growing industry. There are new cruise ships being put to sea soon and cashing in on that through group packages would be a great money making opportunity. Learning how to effectively market online using such FREE methods such as social media, article marketing and video marketing will be a must to truly brand you and your product or services with this business opportunity online.